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So in the beginning , you think it's about what you do over time , you graduate to a level when you realize that happiness is not what you do , it's not what you have , it's not what you achieve . Accomplish or acquire happiness is a state of mind , right ? So when I wrote happiness from the inside out , like 10 years ago or longer .

Rob Mack UNCOVERS: Positive Psychology and How This Improves our Happiness and Well-being

You know , if anything else is your main goal , it will always come before happiness and you'll always be postponing and procrastinating on this happiness thing . So I believe in making happiness your top goal and then trusting that success will follow lots of science show that that if you can find a way to get happy without all the stuff you want , you get all the stuff you want much more quickly , easily , effort , uh effort , effortlessly and e effect effectively . It's pretty mind blowing , right ?

Finding Happiness with Rob Mack

Absolutely . You know , the challenge I think for most of us is that we think of happiness as something that we need to achieve or accomplish or acquire . But my experience , my life experience and the education I've taken has sort of let me know and taught me that happiness isn't what you seek .

Rob Mack UNCOVERS: Positive Psychology and How This Improves our Happiness and Well-being

So , so I think that's , that makes a lot of sense . So happiness is trying to achieve that true alignment with self , right ? So that begs the question .

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Um But that doesn't mean it's not an investment of energy , right ? So I'm just wanting to encourage folks to increasingly reach for or allow for the possibility that happiness is easier than easy , that it's something that you experience and enjoy , not because you achieve accomplish or acquire it , but because you simply accept and acknowledge it , right ? It's something that exists already and that we've made hard work out of happiness .