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And I , and I mean that quite legitimately like I , I just , I live for these conversations . The uh th th this is something also I've um self development and , and personal growth and looked into myself , obviously the living in the present moment and the now is , is one of the key things that we should all learn to , to do , you know , to avoid the Actually , I have a little app that sort of gives me inspirational words and some quotes from the Bible and various things . And today it says , don't worry about tomorrow , tomorrow take care of itself because you've enough to today to deal with .

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It's the way I think about that too . You just really highlighted this , which is that when your partner and you are both on a path , personal development , path , personal growth , path , spiritual path , but something that's intended to raise your consciousness , awareness , really your happiness . They don't even need to complicate it .

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You can not feel lonely alone . And so part of the challenge and the opportunity at hand is to realize that if you're really wanting a relationship , uh whether it's a friendship , whether it's a romantic relationship , whether you want to network better in your professional life , the master key scientifically and statistically is to get happy first , having that relationship without having the romantic or the professional platonic network , necessarily to find a way to get happy within yourself without the partner . And you quickly discover that you'll find a partner , particularly a happy one so much faster and the relationship will be so much happier and healthier for it .

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Sometimes those people , by the way , are ourselves by far . And the most significant and critical factor in having a difficult conversation or dealing with difficult people is to prioritize your inner peace . Above all else , you have to want to be at peace more than you want to be right .

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The other extra version is really that's a desire or a sort of um feel , feeling inspired to reach out , you know , sort of beyond you seek out help connect with people , right ? So those two qualities of traits , if you can cultivate those things , will let you grow as a result of any kind of adversity or stress that you face in your life . But I would say that those three things together are generally good pieces of advice for all .