Happiness Leads to Success with Celebrity Happiness Coach Robert Mack

Um , you know , I think ultimately , you know , one of the principles I think that sort of stands out for me the most is just , um , a practice and of self appreciation . You know , it's a self love and a lot of that and actually a lot of the other principles can be summed up um in very simple sort of phrase , which is learning to tell a better feeling , story about yourself , that self love and self appreciation about other people and like itself , we call that love and about the world in general , we might call that happiness , but telling a better feeling story about yourself , everybody and everything else . But based in truth , right ?

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And the key to happiness is presence . You can also call it self love . A lot of these words really are synonymous .

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I love that I'm trying , you know . So um yes , without question , self love is the beginning and the foundation of all other kinds of love as hard as you might want to make someone else happy by loving them hard enough or someone love as much as you may want someone else to make you happy or feel loved . It's impossible .

Happiness Leads to Success with Celebrity Happiness Coach Robert Mack

And you're extraordinarily deeply confident because you're not concerned about being pushed off balance or off center because you found your balance , you found your center and it's independent of what's happening around you or what other people are , aren't up to another way of saying , describing that positivity is love , that presence is love and that confidence is love . It's both self love , but it's also love for others . When you no longer need to depend and you no longer outsource or delegate how you feel to other people .

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We assume that we're all talking about the same things when we talk about self love , for instance . But often when we're talking about self love , we're talking about , um you know , love of personality , that's great . I love that , love of body .