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Yeah . So um positive psychology is the study and science of what makes life worth living , right ? So it's really the study in science of happiness for all of us slave people .

How to Work Toward True Happiness - With Robert Mack

So most psychology , historically like business as usual psychology was really focused on what's wrong with people . So applied positive psychology is really the study in science of what's right with people and how to make it even sort of better , how to make your life even better . And so it's a science that grew out of the University of Pennsylvania .

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We wanted to make sure we're taking care of those things that are um sort of below um sort of clinical line that are clinical issues . Um Positive psychology really focused on what's right about people and signature strengths , character virtues . It's really about happiness and more than that positive emotion , positive relationships .

The True You Show Interview with Robert Mack

So how can actually positive psychology support us in achieving our dreams , right ? So positive psychology is the study in science of happiness , but also the study in science of how happiness and success are related , right ? So the short of it is that we know based on thousands of empirical time tested face valid studies , that success doesn't lead to happiness .


Um and , or success and most of those ideas um tend to be erroneous or flawed . And so positive psychology helps to unveil or reveal the true sort of causes and effects of happiness and how it does or does not interconnect or relate to success . So I normally when I'm doing these interviews , I , I obviously draw upon questions that I have , but then they become free flowing because I love it , the spontaneity of hearing things and then going straight in and one of the things with you , like such a connection to everything that you always say and I listen so intently .