Finding Happiness with Rob Mack

Positive thinking and no thinking , it sums it all up . What is happiness ? Do you pursue happiness ?


It's like a tapeworm , you can't quite get enough of . So happiness is what we're ultimately after . So if you can redefine success in terms of happiness and then come to appreciate or recognize that that's an internal game , that's an inner game .


Really ? What is happiness ? Really ?

The True You Show Interview with Robert Mack

That happiness does lead to success . And that happiness is the greatest success . And it's the reason we want success , we only want to achieve accomplish or acquire anything in the world because we think we'll feel better for having it , that better feeling that we expect to get through success .

Celebrity Happiness Coach, Robert Mack - That's How You Feel? Podcast EP. 24

And also if you get all the money and you're miserable , the point of all the money , you could be miserable without money without working so hard to get all that money . So happiness is the greatest success because it's what all success aims at . But it also leads to success and that's where we talk about the ways in which getting happy first without all the stuff you want , leads to you getting all the stuff you want with less time , energy and effort .