How To Manage Your Energy

So how can we get better results with less time , energy , effort and resources . And so energy management is mostly about that . We talk about managing time , but really you can't manage time , you can only manage yourself , you can only manage your energy and the use of the way in which you use your energy .

How To Manage Your Energy

Absolutely . Well , I'm super excited to talk today about energy management . It's something that both of you , you and I feel passionately about all these words .

The Secret to Happiness with Robert Mack

That's what I call it these days . Um At the time I think it was calling it the path of least um energy management . Uh It's really the path of least resistance , but the idea is how can you , we all be way lazier but way smarter in our approach to life and in particular our approach to happiness .

How To Manage Your Energy

Those slices might be different at different times of life . And when I think about our energy management conversation , if you're trying to live a perfectly balanced life , chan chances are your energy is not gonna feel as good as if you're living a life that's fulfilled where it might not be as balanced . And I wanna throw it your way .

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Happiness is who you spend time with . So do what you can to eliminate the energy vampires or at least reduce your time with them . And then you come to the third place , which is happiness is what you think .