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There's an entire field of positive psychology that teaches us what leads to happiness and what doesn't . And third was to begin making decisions accordingly . I just want to hear a little bit more about your personal story because you were talking about literally making a plan to really hurt yourself and then deciding not to do that and , and making a different choice .

The Paradox Of Choice: Are you a maximizer or a satisficer?

A satisfies is someone who is clear about what they most want or need and therefore do not need to look at every single option or choice available before they make a decision . Now maximize , make better objective decisions , but they feel worse subjectively for the decision . So they do better , but they feel worse .

Ep 3: Happiness, the Most Important Life Goal (ft. Rob Mack) | Be It Till You See It

So that's the beauty and power of journaling to some extent is that you get to become sort of this non judgmental observer or witness of the crazy thoughts that you often have . And then at some point you can make a different decision or a different choice when it comes to any of those thoughts . Amazing , amazing .

The Secret to Happiness with Robert Mack

Let me change that . Do you think most people know what those decisions are in their life ? I think they know one , at least one of them .

Unlocking Happiness with Friends with Robert Mack

So , you know , I'll answer that in two ways . So for me , once I started doing the research , I eventually started basically making different decisions . So in the very beginning it was all about action .