How To Deal With Difficult People #happinesstips

One of the greatest challenging opportunities that we face as individuals and that I am presented with as a coach , as a happiness coach , as an executive coach and as a peak performance coach . And that is dealing with difficult people or having or navigating difficult or stressful conversations with people . Sometimes those people , by the way , are ourselves by far .

Life, Love, and Loneliness with Rob Mack

Um But I'll keep checking the chat box here if there are any questions or you just have concerns um or you have insights . Um So real quick , lots of us deal with difficult people . So I want to cover this topic because I know it's gonna come in useful .

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There's something very magical and miraculous about relaxing . Relaxing becomes the most difficult thing in your life . Yes .

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And you learn those things over time . Usually the hard , you know , the hard , difficult way . But it's like one of those things I'm so grateful for having learned eventually , but I had to suffer a lot of pain and suffering to get there .

Life, Love, and Loneliness with Rob Mack

So if you can let them live and you can live , if you give them their freedom and you take your own freedom , take responsibility for how you feel and don't project it onto them . Difficult conversations are very easy , difficult people are very easy because you no longer have an investment in this sinking ship , this Titanic that is them or that is their moods . It's just ok .